Open-Source Lossless Audio Player

  1. — Lossless playback (supports FLAC and ALAC - in addition to AAC, MP3, MP4)
  2. — Metadata editor
  3. — Modern UI with focus on album artwork
  4. — Open-Source and built with web technologies
Download for MacWatch demo video on YouTubeView source on GitHub

Getting Started:

  1. — Download and open Destroyer.
  2. — Drop your music collection onto Destroyer.
  3. Destroyer will recursively scan your collection and build library based on metadata.
Note: Destroyer is dependant on metadata — it can process Vorbis comments as well as ID3 (1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) tags. Please ensure your collection is properly formatted.

On Metadata:

    Menu > Destroyer > Edit Metadata... or cmd-m
  1. — On import, Destroyer will analyze your collection for incomplete/missing metadata.
  2. — You can view/edit metadata in the metadata view cmd-m
Protip: While playing a track, toggling the metadata view will take you directly to the currently playing album.

On Artwork:

  1. Destroyer works best when all the tracks for an album are in one flat directory.
  2. Destroyer will look for a file named cover.jpg in the album's directory.
  3. — You can drag and drop new artwork in the metadata view.

On Search:

  1. — Type anywhere in the library view to filter your collection.
  2. esc will clear your filter.